Julia Kettinen – Heart of Golf

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This is me, Julia Kettinen, starting a new blog for Heart2Save! I am more than excited to make collaboration with the company and to get the opportunity to share information about the impact golf and sports in general have on health and the overall well-being. 

have graduated from the professional golf coach training organized by the Finnish PGA and Vierumäki, the Sport Institute of Finland in December 2018. In addition to coaching, I study at the University of Eastern Finland and am currently finalizing my studies (MS.c, Sports and Exercise Medicine). I have a special interest in the relationship between sports and physical health, and their connection to, e.gillnessesWith the help of sports, we can treat and prevent several illnesses. Naturally, in my studies, I am especially interested in the effects of golf, and will also conduct research in this area.  

Before coaching, I competed several years as a junior at the national level but eventually became more interested in practicing and teaching other’s golf. Golf has given me unforgettable memories from competitions, an active way of life, and an opportunity to educate myself and work for several years as a coach, currently, I work as a golf PRO at Master Golf in Espoo, Finland. 

In my blog, I will focus on the health benefitsespecially for the heartyou can achieve by playing golf and exercising. My goal is to get youreaders, to ponderhow you by playing and persistently training golf, not only can improve your swing, but also impact on your wellbeing. The best way to enjoy golf and play, as well as enjoy life, is to remember to take care of yourself and to invest in your wellbeing. 

hope that you get inspired from the blog and get new angles on how to take care of your health. As with many things, it is with the help of small changes and a positive attitude that we get to see results. 

Regards, Julia 
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