About us

Heart2Save Ltd is a Finnish R&D and MedTech company with a strong foundation in cardiology, medical algorithms and physics. The scientific team acts as the Medical Advisory Board and has a strong commitment through involvement and ownership in the company. The team has produced more than 900 scientific articles.
Helena Jäntti

Our Founder's story

With a PhD in Emergency Medicine combined with experience in working as an emergency doctor and science as a passion, Helena founded Heart2Save in 2015 with the vision to develop a device that could quickly and reliably detect heart arrhythmias before causing serious damage. “My long work experience as an emergency doctor has convinced me that problems arising from heart arrhythmias would be best to tackle in advance. This requires an ECG self-monitoring medical device that brings the diagnose in real-time to the patient and the MD, for immediate attention. This is what we have done”.